Shaperight Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Are you having trouble choosing what diet plan is best for you? While all Shaperight diets aim to meet targets for vital food groups, here is the low down on the special features of each of our diet plans.

Low GI Meal as Diet Plan

Low GI (Glycaemic Index) Diet Plan

This is a diet designed to include regular Low GI carbohydrates. This healthy diet plan should help to control blood sugar levels and keep you full throughout the day. It also makes a great choice for those with lifestyle-controlled diabetes.

Include High Protein Meal in your Daily Diet

High Protein Diet Plan

This plan is for those who wish to eat less carbohydrate-based foods. Higher meat and protein content helps in making you feel fuller for longer time periods. Currently this is a very popular weight loss diet plan among women and Shaperight members.

Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan

Vegetarian Diet Plan

A rather self-explanatory diet, the Vegetarian plan is designed for those who do not eat meat. However this healthy diet plan may be worth trying for non-vegetarians looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint, lower the cost of meals, or just to learn some new, delicious recipes.

Gluten Free Meal as your Diet Plan

Gluten Free Diet Plan

A very new diet plan that we have produced to meet the health needs of clients diagnosed with coeliac disease or a gluten allergy. We have endeavoured to remove all sources of gluten by designing most recipes around foods that do not naturally contain gluten and suggesting some easily, available gluten-free products for your shopping list.

Quick easy Meal

Quick & Easy Diet plan

This meal plan revolves solely around convenience products available from Coles supermarkets. This plan is particularly useful if you travel for work over a period of time, working shift work, or lack the extra time required for meal preparation or diets.