How It Works


Join our weight loss program and target your body shape with a program that works:

  • Long term plan that you can integrate into your lifestyle
  • Eat the breakfasts, lunches and dinners you already enjoy
  • Take control of your body, this time for good!
4 Steps to Your Success
  • First, create your weight loss profile

    When you create your personalised weight loss program, you’ve taken the first step to a weight loss plan that’s tailored to your unique body style.

  • Next, start eating right with healthier choices

    Our delicious, nutritional plans give you the flexibility to add or remove different foods based on your unique likes and dislikes! Made by Australians, for Australians.

  • Then, get active

    Combining the delicious foods with an exercise plan based on your current fitness level and your weight goals, will help you become more fit and trim in no time.

  • Finally, watch the weight melt away!

    Our easy-to-use online tracking tools make it simple to track your diet and exercise routines, see real weight-loss results, and even predict future weight loss!

What you get
Personalised Meal Plan
Personalised Meal Plan

Your personalised menu is based on the unique combination of your dietary preferences along with your weight loss goals.

Personalised Exercise Plan
Personalised Exercise Plan

You tell us which exercises you prefer, and your fitness level, and we will create your exercise plan.

Interactive Shopping List
Interactive Shopping List

You don't have to worry about the foods to pick up at the supermarket. We put the list together for you.


Check that you are getting a balanced diet and losing weight. Our results section tracks it all.

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